Fast Takes
Friday, November 05, 2004
The Rise of the Platforms

A small announcement from Amazon in my e-mail in box that they have included queuing in their web service API's is starting to make things very interesting. It was also noted by Phil Windley.

From a simplistic view gmail is just another queuing system uses mail protocols and text rather than SOAP/Rest and XML but not a great stretch for the Google platform to start offering a gig of message queues to developers.

Amazon's first out of the gate but all the other service platforms will follow, Google, EBay, SalesForce, etc and suddenly there is a new distributed platform infrastructure to create applications in, that is totally removed from the platform wars of the last century.

The ability to build data centric loosely coupled applications that live in the network is where the next wave of innovation is going to come from, so think open services rather than open source.

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