Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Mapping blog relationships

I came across a tool a few months ago that I found interesting Kartoo, last night it occurred to me that it could be used to visually map relationships between blogs.

It is pretty cool - go to Kartoo type in your favorite blogger and a map appears of relationships. One of the more interesting things is that you can see the concepts that link blogs. The search can be refined by adding or deleting concepts - hours of endless fun. Other interesting things - put in the names of two bloggers and see how they are related.

Apart from being fun this is also an interesting way of mapping the spread of ideas and/or concepts, if the search in Kartoo could be limited to just people with blogs then idea mapping could become possible. How about a private search just using RSS feeds - interesting anthropological experiment conducted in real time.

Now if I could just calculate the degrees of separation....

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