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Saturday, October 05, 2002
Where is the information?

Where is the information

Years ago we relied on magazines and periodicals for our information, that has quickly shifted in the last few years to news sites and now to blogs. All my current knowledge comes from blogs of one form or another (I include Slashdot as a blog). Why magazines now becomes the question and how to synthesize the information in blogs or is the distributed nature part of the fun, like delving into an used book store looking for unknown treasures. Regardless blogs are changing the face of information dissemination, the web increased the speed of distribution of editorial information but blogs are moving raw ideas at the speed of light - how will this change our world?
Successful panel discussions

Successful panel discussions

I have both been on and listened to several panel discussions recently - as well as the usual amount of solo presentations. The most informative and useful information has come from well organized panel discussions as they compare and contrast ideas. Some panels work well some do not, to help understand I have come up with the three rules of successful panels. (There is actually four but I hope that is obvious to everyone - come well prepared! ).

John's guide to panel discussions:

Follow the rules and panels well not only be informative but also interesting. Anybody got other ideas?

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