Monday, January 20, 2003

Fun with maps

after my last exploration with mapping blog relationships I moved over to using a Java based library Touchgraph that allowed a more dynamic look at the relationships between the blogs I link to and those that link to them. If anyone has read the book "The Tipping Point" there is a discussion about the various types of people that cause the formation of social groups. I think mapping how blogs relate to one another can illustrate some of the points the author (Malcolm Gladwell) makes. I need to re-read the blog and probably re-read linked to before I can draw any conclusions. I will admit to being fascinated with the entire investigation.

Here is my most recent map of the links around my blog. It is a static image generated from a Java Application. If I get sometime in the next few weeks I will turn it into an applet that will allow users to browse and manipulate the map. Each node expands into the next level down. I have not gone beyond that - need to do some more work on my crawler to increase speed and reduce memory consumption.

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