Fast Takes
Thursday, January 09, 2003
Navigation Links
Stephen Dulaney e-mailed me that he liked the navigation map on my blog. Well it is the season, so Stephen here is your own navigation map [feel free to cut and paste].
istori/logBlogging AlonePython Community Server: Development a klog apart Scripting News Ron Lusk's Radio Weblog Second p0st Seb's Open Research Marcus' Tablet PC Radio Weblog Ross Mayfield's Weblog evhead The Shifted Librarian Jon's Radio thomas n. burg | randgänge Universal Rule Jon Schull's Weblog null Ross Mayfield: Social Networks Ray Ozzie's Weblog John Robb's Radio Weblog RatcliffeBlog: Business, Technology & Investing Peter Drayton's Radio Weblog A Man with a Ph.D. - Richard Gayle's WeblogMarc's Voice Boing Boing Blog Steve Gillmor's Radio Weblogkottke.orgStephen RapleyFast TakesSam Ruby   Hugh's ramblingsJeroen Bekkers' Groove WeblogJohn BurkhardtJeremy Allaire's Radio Robb Beal's Radio Weblog This is just a small example of how make use of the visualization of blog links. While creating nice graphics is fun there is the question to be asked - what is the use of visualization? Jon Schull makes the point that the number of nodes quickly makes the problem very hard to manage. Just going a few levels deep from my home page I get the following image map that has 250+ nodes. It is clickable and it is fun to navigate around and get to other blogs in one click rather than navigation through several other links. The value of mapping may not be in mapping the raw connections but lifting patterns out of the maps. Sounds like another project...

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