Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Update to visualization tool

With help from Bill Appleton at DreamFactory I have upgraded the visualization tool. If is now full screen and much more useful. If you want to play with the source click on "Author". There are still some initialization problems that I am working through.

To use just click on display and you will get a graph of the blogs I link to. Then double click on any block and the home page will appear in a new browser window. The URL will also be inserted into the URL field. If you now click on display a view of the blogs around that blog will be displayed.

The next steps are to do some more clean to the initialization code. This will allow anyone to insert this widget on their blog and specify their blog as the root node - cool everyone can have their own personal mapping server courtesy of DreamFactory with no server code. Demonstrates the simple value of software as a service.

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