Thursday, October 14, 2004

Open source rich client

David Temkin CTO at Laszlo has made the gutsy move to Open Source. The is the first rich client application that has a chance of widespread adoption and can change the way we deliver client applications

It has two significant features going for it (or soon will have apart from Open Source) that will enable its success. One is the upcoming serverless model, this is critical for scalability and ease of deployment. The second is the use of a plugin to deliver high quality rendering and features that are just not possible with other approaches using DHTML. Using Flash 6.0 plugin ensures that Laszlo applications will run in any browser and can take advantage of platform independent features that DHTML applications just cannot.

The last piece of the puzzle is making it Open Source, I can now recommend that we take full advantage of the platform and know that we do not have any major risk of the technology going away. I fully expect a strong and vibrant community to build around this new client delivery platform. I wish them every success.

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