Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More voices seeing the erosion of simple in web services

In this article in Jonathan Schwartz's Weblog he cites that corporate IT Architects and developers are getting worried about the erosion of simple in web services.

One reaction to this is to build complex development environments that mask the complexity and make it appear simple, but this is usually the wrong approach as good architects and developers need to understand their tools and how they work. I have never been able to make a poor developer become a great developer by giving them a tool - it takes training, monitoring and patience.

Web Services (and by web services I use the broad meaning - services that communication over the web) are important and are not going away, so we do need to solve the problem. More and more companies are moving to shared infrastructure and shared services and they need to be able to communicate, simply, transparently, reliably and securely. Simply often means solving only 80% of the problem and just getting something working in the real world, the WS-x!*&@ stack tries to solve 100% of the problem before the real world has defined the problem. Time will tell what the outcome will be, but my bet is on simple to win

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