Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dissolving boundaries - inside and outside

Phil Wainwright comments on dissolving boundaries Loosely Coupled | Dissolving boundaries | May 6th 2005 2:12pm. I think we need to make a clear differentiation between inside and outside boundaries.

Inside the enterprise the CIO has some degree of the framework between the silos and can manage the necessary change to define the fabric to achieve loosely coupled services architecture.

Outside the enterprise the CIO has little control (but has economic power) of the fabric. Here though is where there are compelling economic benefits for a CIO to use external services (see: Why Integration as a service?) or consider the economics of Salesforce versus Siebel. The long term winners here are going to be the providers of business services that destroy the previous economic models. The tools vendors need to change their POV from being the center of the universe (or single religion) and become enablers of wide scale service integration that provide dramatic economic benefits to the enterprise.

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