Saturday, February 18, 2006


It has been a long time since I last posted. A combination of things, have caused this major case of blogger's block. Lack on interesting things to say or comment on, and working through some career decisions. Though I did have the chance to build a fairly extensive REST application interface that did illustrate (to me at least) the power and simplicity of REST. To design a well thought out REST application is hard, and is very dependant on defining the core resources and their granularity. Once they are defined the interfaces follow naturally.

However the changes mentioned in the title are not around a life changing conversion from upper case Web Services to lower case web services, I still believe they both still have their place and both could do with some improvements.

The changes are a little more extensive professional, after several years working in start-ups, I have made the change to work at a some what larger company. A few weeks ago I started working at Cisco Systems in the Application Orientated Networking (AON) group. It is challenging and exciting as we are working to make the network smarter and hence simplify how applications are developed.

Now that I am back working directly in the web services (both upper and lower case) and distributed computing space - I hope my blogger's block will be cured....


Anonymous said...

Good luck at the new gig with the AON team! If you run into Van, tell him I said hi.

Anonymous said...

somewhat larger company, bah humbug! you sold you to the man!

Anonymous said...

Congrats John.
Can't wait to catchup. I didn't write that last comment.

John Furrier